Home Staging

about us

Jaclyn's visual design skills were applied as the assistant decorator on HBO's The Wire.  Her organizational skills utilized in the non-profit sector are put into practice on every home staging project. She is able to offer expertise,experience, and professionalism to her clientele, while delivering a  staged home that is market-ready and appealing.  

Riedel Home Staging creates an impactful first impression on the home buyer while adding significant  market value to the home of our client. As the objective observer, we assess the space, design, decor, and architecture of a home to create an environment enhancing the most visually pleasing  aspects of the space.  Through careful placement of furniture, artwork, and accessories we design a compelling space that allows buyers to easily envision themselves living in a new home.  

Jaclyn's interest in design began as a child while working for her father: an architect, builder, and artist.  Learning the importance of quality construction, beautiful spaces, and creativity, she applied these learnings to her education and career. Jaclyn received a degree  in Communications and minor in Horticulture from Virginia Tech in 2000.  Upon graduation she began working in the set decorating and costume departments of various television shows, feature films, and theatre productions in the Mid Atlantic region. Additionally, she was the executive director of a non-profit  where she honed her skills in administration, project management, and event planning.